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Pudis pukes memes by SwedishMrLarson

Meee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee eee ee...

Advantages of Suddenly Growing Up! by InkRose98

This is the awesome art I ever saw like in your art Livestream! The color, the design, and the Background are perfect. I know is just a...

The League of Analysis Bronies by InkRose98

YAY!!! I love this art with the Brony Analysts it's so Beautiful and awesome that what I see from the new one but this one is also awes...

Injections by RedApropos

That was a nice for it right, and so was the wise of it and know it's funny or not, I deserve that was a good piece of comic. Good for ...



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Aloy Danga Trinidad
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Digital Artist Since "Valentine's Day" 2014
Freelance Multi-tasker Since 2013
A Sixteen Year Old Guy who does lot of things:
-Movie Editing and doing Intro/Outro Animating with Sony Vegas
-a Digital Artist (From using Adobe Photoshop)
-Audio Editor for my Voices
-a Singer
-Lego Pro
-Brony Analyst
-Sonic Youtuber
-TF2 Gamer
-Voice Actor
-Tech Enthusiast and a sincere Computer Specialist



YouTube: (Rapid Technic/Analysis)… (Technic2/Rapid's 2nd Channel)… (GenesisDrago/VA Mode!)… (CHANNELZecter/Sonic Related)

My Stamp: Rapid Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96

Friend Stamps!: PSM stamp by psm-drawz

Pinoy Army!: +.:Pinoy Squad Stamps:.+ by xXDannyDrawsXx

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LostMag Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96FireRose Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96KelChord Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96SegaVoice Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96MangaHeartSong Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96PeeweeTale Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96AnYHood Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96FireGlam Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96CrimsonEditor Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96JessSwift Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96DRWolf and Lady Wolf Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Pastel O' Fate Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96QuillHammerquist Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96BritishTaco Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96BrushWell Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96PokePash Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96MisArtisticPony Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96Spiritedmash Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Goldenkey Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96

Rose Pal Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Postscript Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 <"RoseScript"

Autistic Pony Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Mandy Chan Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 <"AutisticChan"

The Editor Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Jessica Pedley Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 <"EditPedley"

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EileMonty Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Nowacking Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Pinkie Rose Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96BlackGryph0n Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Wubcake Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Tommy Taco Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Hewy Toonmore Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Jennabun Fan Stamp (request) by SuperstarEdge96Vannamelon Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96TheLostNarrator Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96Magpiepony Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96


400 WATCHERS! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Reposted from the original post by: xXDannyDrawsXx)
~Ask the Pinoy Squad is now open! <333

Here me and my lovely Squad will be posting animations on YouTube! and me! As the awesome leader thought it would be great for you dudes and Duddets to know is more! 

Ask us anything and we'll do our best to answer! 

We'll also do dares and other things you want us to do! <333 

Peace out! 

Watch my Squad! 




(Xtras from me: Sincerely that you can contact me, Harvey/Kiro, Danny, or Val/Haru if you want to ask, but don't be shy everyone! Get Talkative now!)

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